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Zoe ziva

Looking around today, the news content may give you more reasons to be worried rather than pleased. Worry in itself is an enemy of the spirit and soul. taking quality time to watch the news may give you countless reasons to be sincerely concerned about the sate of the country, added to your personal challenges or what have you.

As much as it is important to be very aware of happenings in your surroundings, and to be very active in pushing your life and those connected to you forward, it is also your big time responsibility to be happy.

Happiness many say is free, because it is a choice. Worrying may just keep you looking stressed, spirit broken and face old. Whatever you do at whatever level you are, choose to see the bright side and affirm yourself that evil will never come near your dwelling. While putting necessary precautions in place, rest, breathe, take a glass of water and think about the good things you are grateful for.

Happiness is contagious and carries its own spirit, one that will draw more reasons for you to be happy into your environment.

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Be intentional about your thoughts going forward.

make that choice today, choose to be happy, in every thing, give thanks, drink water, smile, rest, push on.

As funny as it may sounds, these ‘little’ things’ are the ones that makes the biggest difference.

Yours sincerely,

Zoe Ziva.


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