Contentment, a virtue not for the weak – Zoe Ziva

Zoe ziva

Have you wondered why there has been so many news of yahoo boys and their menace recently?, to the extent that even some teenagers have decided to join the train.

It is alarming as many want to join the ‘rich’ team not wanting to put in the genuine work. but it is not supposed to be so.

Being content but striving to be more is a trait that only the strong has, and as parents or guardians, these virtues needs to me exemplified by you.

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No one says it is okay to be okay in one level for a long time. \the strive to be more should always be present, but due process should be followed.

Save our generation and reach out to people around you with the message of contentment. You may just be saving someone’s life.

Yours truly,

Zoe Ziva.


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    Zoe ziva

    Whatever you do, be happy – Zoe Ziva


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