Teen coach, wife, mother of four, special adviser to the governor of Abia state on teen affairs, the renowned “Aunty chi chi” on her social media, expressed her opinion on sex education for boys.

She said “It is not news that I’ve got great relationship with my children. I talk about a lot with them. And with my first son, I have increased our conversations with the recent happenings. I have taken our conversations a nudge higher.

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“Yesterday, I asked my first son a direct question ⁉️ and he knows me too well not to beat about the bush. “Nna, what exactly do you do in the toilet with your phone and why you stay too long?

“He looked at me for a bit and replied with a ⁉️. “Mom, you think I go there to masturbate?

“Tell me son, is it what you go there to do? I asked again ?

“No. I don’t understand what that is and even if I try I won’t feel anything. So don’t worry, I’m not doing that and I’m not watching porn either. Because, that’s your next question I know.”
I replied, “you better not engage in both because, they are deeply addictive and you will regret getting yourself into them.”

“He left. Hubby was there and as usual he’d feel like the ground should open so he disappears ?

“I turned to hubby and I said, “it’s time for you to please step up and talk to him about wet dreams, masturbation, porn, s*x, etc. There’s a limit I can go. Talk to him from the man’s perspective and he’d get it. I’m just a mom and coach, my words can only go thus far, but a man will hit ? deep.”
He agreed and I’m waiting?

“Therefore, I’m making this post reaching out to men to please step up and help our boys. Most of them are learning about s*x from porn and it’s the worst way to learn. That’s why a lot of boys don’t regard a woman’s emotions. We are seen as toys to toss up and down.”

She went on to encourage older wiser men to reach out to the younger generation and help groom them.

She agreed that there are many women including herself, doing all they can in mentoring the girl child as much as the boys, but there is a limit a woman can go with the boys because of differences in experiences.

“There’s a limit I could go in talking about boys stuff, I’ve never had erection at 5am in the morning. If it’s period and all I can talk from now to tomorrow. But puberty for boys, no. I’m asking schools to please have boys’ talk on regular basis, same way girls get doses of it. For instance over 8 years my organization and I have donated over 5000 sanitary pads to girls across Nigeria, talking about menstrual hygiene, etc. But, I’m yet to see men going to schools talking about boys grooming, growing, etc.”

“Reach me if you are into boys s*x talk
T for thanks ?“

“Aunty Chichi ✍️?“


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