10 qualities of a real man – Aunty Chi Chi.

10 qualities of a real man by aunty chi chi

10 Qualities of a Real Man: Chinemenma Umeseaka the teen coach, popularly known as “Aunty Chi Chi” has taken it to her social media again to teach what in her stand means to be a man.

Aunty chi chi has raised several teenagers from years back and is still in the business of mentoring teenagers.

The special adviser to the governor of Abia state on teen affairs, TV personality, wife, and mother of four,  gave 10 qualities of a real man. In her post, she said:

“I am #mamaboys ??? that’s why I love boys/men a lot ??, you can call me #manwrapper ? it’s fine ?

In fact, my closest friends are men ?

That’s why I’m not known for only girl advocacy, I advocate for boys equally. Yeah ?

“So, for some years I’ve been #intentionally coaching my 3 sons on the followings:

1. A real man doesn’t hit women, no matter what. Master your emotions and take a walk when you can’t take her heat (words)

2. A real man doesn’t fight his fellow man either, not over a girl, or anything silly. You wanna fight, fight with your skills, talents, career, wisdom, and excellent character. Your fight shouldn’t be physical at all. They say the greatest revenge is to be successful ✌️

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3. A real man has massive respect for himself, for women, for his elders, children, etcetera.

4. A real man is well-groomed. Smells heavenly, dresses dapper always, speak polished, walks with his shoulders high (confidence), is versatile, and knows a little bit of everything.

5. A real man doesn’t impose his opinion on others, whether he is right or wrong.

6. A real man is highly competitive when it comes to knowledge. That’s what makes him powerful ?

7. A real man understands when he has made mistakes and never allows the ego to lead him on.

8. A real man can never use ladies, or women to catch cruise. Never make women add you to the statistics of “men are scums.”

9. A real man epitomizes charm, great character, and confidence.

10. A real man knows His God and makes God the center of his entirety.

To be cont’d.

Aunty Chichi ✍️??”


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