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The persistent ASUU & FG Feud is causing delay and mixed feelings.

Asuu strike
The official logo of ASUU and Highlight of the Current Strike

Every time ASUU strikes, the FG always dodges it. Guess who suffers the consequences – The Students. The persistent ASUU & FG Feud is causing delay and mixed feelings.

What started with a four weeks warning is now turning into something else. Unjustifiable waste of time and loss of focus for the Nigerian leaders of tomorrow. (I hope someone still believes that).

The union embarked on another 8 weeks of strike after the warning. Federal and State-owned universities under ASUU have closed. The students are home with no hope of resuming anytime soon.

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Look, the 8 weeks extension ends soon. Yet, no one has said anything about the strike.

OJT Reporters interviewed some students of the affected institutions on social media. These are victims of a failed system. How do they feel about staying at home?

One of them is Iyanu Aluko, a 100-level student at the University of Lagos. Like every other student, she has been at home since the beginning of the strike. She helps out with the family business and hasn’t had time to study or even do anything about her academics.

See what she had to say about the strike when we interviewed her on Twitter.

Esther (Reporter): Hi Iyanu

Iyanu: Hello

Esther (Reporter): How would you describe the ASUU strike?

Iyanu: I would say it is unnecessary. Thinking about it, the government has ignored the educational system till now. It is time for something to be done.

Esther (Reporter): Since the beginning of the strike you’ve been home right?

Iyanu: Yes, I’ve been home.

Esther (Reporter): So what have you been doing to keep yourself engaged?

Iyanu: To be sincere I have not really had time for myself. The moment I got home I had to help with the family business and it is very stressful. So I don’t even have time for myself talkless of the time to engage in any course or skill acquisition.

Esther (Reporter): How many percent would you rate your readiness for academic activities? If they call off the strike today.

Iyanu: I think, I’m 50% ready.

Esther (Reporter): 50%!! Why?

Iyanu: Thinking about it, I have not really had the time to study or to even go through my books to revise. As much as I want the strike to be over, I don’t think I am ready for academic activities.

Esther (Reporter): Thank you for your time Iyanu.

Iyanu: You’re welcome.

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Another bright student that talked to us is Deborah Mauyan.

Deborah Mauyan is a 300-level psychology student at the University of Lagos. Deborah talked to us on Whatsapp.

Esther (Reporter): Hi Mauyan

Mauyan: Hi

Esther (Reporter): So let me go straight to the point, how have you been coping with the strike?

Mauyan: To be frank with you I am happy about the strike. It has given me time to rest mentally and physically. Ever since I finished secondary school I have been working and schooling and it hasn’t been easy at all.

Esther (Reporter): Wow!

Mauyan: Not the response you expected right?

Esther (Reporter): Yes.

Mauyan: Though I want the strike to end soon, I’m just grateful that it has given me the chance to catch my breath.

Esther (Reporter): Thank you for your time Mauyan.

Mauyan: You’re welcome dear.

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The next one is quite discouraging and annoying too.

Afolayan Toyosi is a final year student at the University of Ilorin. He has finished his final exams but because of the strike, he is unable to graduate.

Esther (Reporter): Hey Toyosi

Toyosi: Hi Esther

Esther (Reporter): So let me go straight to the point, How is the ASUU strike treating you?

Toyosi: Well, not fair at all. Imagine writing your final exams and not being able to graduate because of the strike.

Esther (Reporter): so what have you been doing since the beginning of the strike?

Toyosi: Okay, so my school joined the 2020 ASUU strike that lasted for about a year. That year I got 2 different jobs at a blogging site and I was able to keep them till now so that’s what I have been doing.

Esther (Reporter): Thank you very much for your time Toyosi

Toyosi: You are welcome Esther.


Iyanu, Mauyan, and Toyosi are living the reality of Nigerian students right now. Some students like Mauyan are happy with the strike. For them, this is a chance to take a break and catch up on a lot of things they have missed. Some are like Toyosi. They want to move to the next level in their lives but the strike is delaying them.

We hope that the government works something out soonest.



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