Soludo and Peter Obi meet and exchange pleasantries


The presidential candidate of Labour party, Peter Obi and the present Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo met in a Catholic Church at Awka, Anambra’s state capital on Thursday.

They both met at the Thanksgiving of Most Rev Paulinus Ezeokafor in celebration of his 70th year birthday at St Patrick’s Catholic Church.

Soludo and Obi were seen exchanging pleasantries which came as a surprise to many, knowing the many banters Soludo has been making against Obi.

Soludo is said to have rushed to where Peter Obi was seated when he came to church and noticed Obi was present. He rushed to his seat and hugged him. He described the rift between jkm and the former governor of Anambra as political, stating that Obi is still his brother irrespective of their political differences.

He refuted the claims that he was bribed to mar Obi’s reputation.

Soludo also commended the cleric whose birthday they came to thank God for, explaining how his life has been of great inspiration to him.

Soludo also said that himself and Peter Obi will soon be ironing their differences out.

Peter Obi left without saying anything, as he left before the service ended

Soludo said, “Today is very special. When we came into the service, it was the first time, my brother, Peter Obi and I are meeting at a public event and in a Catholic Church which the two of us belong to. I think it was divine.

“So for those forging blackmail and all that, including the one they said I collected bribe to say what I said, I asked them to bring it so I will use it to construct roads. If Soludo is into bribery, I would have been a multi-trillionaire now.

“On the fundamental differences we have, we are going to meet in the next few weeks. We’ve agreed to discuss and iron out our differences. Unfortunately, he’s left. We must get it done. Anambra is for all of us.”

Now referring to Ezeokafor, He said.

“You changed my thinking when you visited my village house in 2019 and rejected the foreign wine offered to you in the place of palm wine. Today at the Governor’s lodge, the highest wine served there is palm wine.

“I was also humbled by the moderate type of car you drove to my house. You told me you chose not to go with a vehicle far above the average of those you are pastoring. I think this is exemplary.

“When you see me drive Innoson cars, that’s part of the inspiration I got from you. If not for security, I would have been riding bicycles to work.

“We are taking the prudence you taught us to the next level because when we came in, it cost us over N137m to clean offices. Now, it cost barely N11m. I can only promise to take the message to the world.”


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