British Airways cancels its London to Abuja flight



British Airways has cancelled its London to Abuja flight which was supposed to arrive in the early hours of Saturday morning

This happened after a BA83 flight from London to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, was suddenly diverted to Lagos.

Passengers affected by the flight cancellation and later diversion lamented that there was no adequate prior notice.

The British Airways gave no reason for the diversion of flight, but many feel it  might be as a result of the prior warnings of the British Embassy to her citizens.

Despite the word from the President of Nigeria saying that there is no reason to be afraid, the country is safe, foreigners have been reportedly leaving the country in their numbers, and it was also reported that a major mall in Abuja shut down on Thursday.

It was reported that after British Airways took the flight that was supposed to land in Abuja to Lagos as its destination, the passengers on the plane who are mostly Nigerians refused to disembark, and according to one of the passengers on the plane, the released teargas in a bid to force them out of the plane, insisting the flight ends in Lagos.

“When they refused and insisted on the flight terminating in Abuja as contracted, the crew threatened to launch tear gas at the mostly Nigerian passengers right in the plane!

“They had been telling people on board since they boarded last night, Abuja. Why must you go to that place! After an uproarious session and an hour on ground, the plane finally took off and arrived in Abuja around 11am.

“There is a lot of mischief afoot on this terror attack warning and it smells like we need to talk less and pull out antennae to their highest gain heights. This is not just a terror warning; there is more schemes and actions of enemies within and without.” The passenger (Anonymous) said.

On the flight radar, flights indicating Abuja have been cancelled.


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