Train yourself to be patient in life – Blessing George


Blessing, a young entrepreneur and wife, known for inspiring her generation through her ‘Speak with Blessing movement’, has taken to social media to share her thoughts to this generation.

Seeing the many happening recently, Blessing said, ”

Train yourself to be patient in life.
Your impatience is not helping your walk with God.
Patience is a virtue.
It is one of the fruit of the Spirit.
Some of us are not patient with our process.
You are not patient with God’s word.
You are not patient in the place of prayer.
You are not patient to hear God’s voice.
You are not even patient with your personal growth.
Today, I want to encourage you to activate the patience mode.
Meditate on this Scripture.
“Patience leads to abundant understanding, but impatience leads to stupid mistakes.”
Prov 14:29
Share your experience of how being patient affected your life positively


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