Human Factor; the major problem of Nigeria – Peter Obi

Human factor

The presidential candidate of the Labou Party has said that human factor is mostly responsible for why things have not been working in Nigeria.

Presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Gregory Obi, says human factor is mostly responsible for why things have not been working in Nigeria.

He said this in an interview on Arise TV programme, The Morning Show, on Wednesday.

He said he has travelled to some countries that have excelled in their economic policies to study them and says that the problem with Nigeria’s strategies has been the inability of the country’s leaders to deal with existing “human factor problem.”

“(For instance) it takes you three months to clear goods at Nigerian Ports. To clear goods in Cotonu (Togo), (takes you) two days. The same in Ghana, Ivory Coast. I have actually travelled to Singapore, and other countries because of ports. I studied what works for the ports,” Obi said.

Mr Obi said the human factor is serving as obstacles to replicating the good that is seen in other countries and this should be addressed by the government.

“It is a human factor problem,”

“What we need to do is to deal with the human factor (problem). Everything you are seeing in Nigeria that has not worked, whether it is scanning, is because of the human factor problem. You deal with it decisively,” Mr Obi said.

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Mr Obi also cited examples of when he was the governor of Anambra State, how he removed the human factor problem affecting the education sector in the state and how the sector recorded positive growth as a result.

“I tell people what we did in education in Anambra state. We moved from 26 to 21 (in ranking). We didn’t change the teachers.

“They were the same teachers and we didn’t hire new people. But when they saw the body language of the leader and that people were being asked to go if they don’t deliver it, they delivered it,” he said.

He said the country is in coma and is yearning for a ‘specialist’ to save it from total collapse.

“This election will not be based on ethnicity or religion. It will be based on Nigerian agenda to save this country, ” he said.

“Nigeria is in coma, and it needs a specialist. And that’s why I am offering (myself) to save its life or it will die,” the former Governor added.


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