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Think of child labour as a deprivation of the joy of childhood: World Against Child Labor Day 2022

World Against Child Labor Day 2022

Think of child labour as a deprivation of the joy of childhood.

It refers to the exploitation of children in ways that affects and deteriorates their mental, physical, social and academic health and development. And is a crime punishable by law.

Children are not mini-hu

mans, or miniature adults. They are whole people, with whole minds and bodies and must be treated with utmost respect.

Our children can and should be made responsible for #child-sensitive and #age-specific duties in their environment. In raising the leaders of tomorrow, we ought to teach them responsibility and help build their capacity to be effective leaders.

Child labour on the other hand deprives them of everything. Routinely engaging children who are too young to work in paid or unpaid forms of labour. Did you know the prevalence of child labour is highest in Africa with a staggering approximate of about 72million children?

We must do different. We must provide a wholistic safe space for our children wholesome development. And you do not have to be a parent to make a difference; think of every child as your child and go on to make an impact. Join the movement; #End Child labour now!


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