Nobel Prize-winning Economist, Prof. Michael Kremer, proposes new learning Methodology to improve Education in Nigeria


NobelNobel Prize-winning Economist, Prof. Michael Kremer, has stated that children will learn better if the  learning methodology of the NewGlobe is replicateNobel Prize-winning Economist, Prof. Michael Kremer, proposes new learning Methodology to improve Education in Nigeria across public education systems in Nigeria.

A statement by NewGlobe said the holistic methodology studied by the Nobel prize-winning author underpinned Nigeria’s state-wide Lagos (EKOEXCEL), Edo (EdoBEST), and Kwara (KwaraLEARN) public transformation programs.

The study findings were announced in a speech by the Kremer to African Heads of State and Education Ministers, including Nigerian UBEC and SUBEB leaders at the Education World Forum in London, titled, ‘Education: Building forward together; stronger, bolder, better.’

It added that some of Nigeria’s governors had implemented the methodology to transform learning outcomes across their public school systems including early childhood, primary and junior secondary schools.

It read, ‘‘The study finds that if replicated at scale across public education systems, the gains would be enough to put African children from underserved communities on track to match their peers in countries with incomes three or four times higher.

‘‘The study finds that after two years, primary school students in NewGlobe’s Kenya program are nearly a whole additional year ahead of children taught using traditional methods.

‘‘For early childhood development – typically three and five-year-olds – children gain nearly an additional year and half of the learning; learning in two years what students in other schools learn in three and a half years.’’

Kremer said, “This study shows that attending schools delivering highly standardised education has the potential to produce dramatic learning gains at scale, suggesting that policymakers may wish to explore the incorporation of standardisation, including standardised lesson plans and teacher feedback and monitoring, in their own systems.”

Prof. Isaac Mbiti of the University of Virginia and a co-author of the study said, ‘‘The study illustrates the promise of alternative models of education in improving the effectiveness of primary and pre-primary schools in developing countries.

General Managing Director, NewGlobe Nigeria, Omowale David-Ashiru added,

The data-driven scientific learning techniques that underpin this study are the blueprint for those used in all schools NewGlobe supports in Edo, Lagos and Kwara States. It shows that it is possible to deliver radical and immediate change for generations of children and that poverty isn’t destiny for individuals or nations.’’


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