Regular exercise has many health benefits, ranging from improved health, to stamina, to improved heart and blood circulation, to better coordination and to help prevent certain diseases.

If you are physically active, either out of necessity or because you generally just love exercising, then good for you.

1. Warm up, and down

The muscles have to be eased to prevent injuries from strenuous exercises, so before you begin the main exercises, do some light jogging to get your body set.

2. Pace Yourself 

Humans are generally competitive. If you go to the gym, it’s easy to see someone benching a hundred and want to outdo the person, though, take it step by step else you are likely do get injured.

Your target may be to run ten kilometers non stop everyday, start with one kilometer, then two. The key is consistency.

3. Watch your form

Ensure you are performing the exercises correctly, know the right postures to adopt in order to avoid damages. It is advisable to employ the assistance of a fitness trainer. Watch to ensure your form is turning out as expected with time.

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4. Rest and Recover

Exercise can wear and tear your body a great deal, so rest well between sessions. Try not to go full speed every single day. Get adequate sleep and hydrate. You can also try the contrast bathing technique where you immerse yourself in hot water followed by an ice bath. It helps to reduce inflammation and fatigue.

5. Know when to stop 

Did you know that your ability to feel pain is designed to keep you from harm? Pain tells you when you have reached a threshold. Pay attention to sharp pain that seems to come out of no where, that pain might just be a message to you to stop in order to avoid injuries.

Do not also forget to celebrate yourself for the progress you have made, both little or much.


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