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Presidency 2023: Osinbajo set to hit the ground running after picking up his presidential nomination form


Vice president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo has picked his 100M presidential nomination form with a promise to hit the ground running if he becomes Nigeria’s next president

He explained that he is already in the system and does not need the time others would need to gain stamina, being new to the system, but he already understanding the system, having served as the present vice president for eight years, would just get the ball rolling immediately.

Chairman of The Progressive Project TPP, an umbrella organization of all groups supporting and advocating the actualization of a Yemi Osinbajo presidency in 2023, Senator Kabiru Gaya led the groups to pick the forms.

Shortly after the picking of the forms, Kabiru Gaya said; “I have been in politics for many years and I understand at certain level how politics should be played. I believe it is a game of give and take. We have served for the president in this country for eight years under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari so, the presidency should go to the South and that is why we said the best person to handle this matter is somebody who has been in the system.

“If he is sworn-in today at the Eagle Square, by tomorrow morning he can pick up because he is already in the system. I was a governor I know what it takes. When you are sworn-in, it takes time for you to learn and move forward, but when you are in the system, you don’t have that problem, it is going to improve because they have now drawn a plan by which you could have peace, stability and better economy and he is going to improve on that new plan”.

Kabiru went on to say that democracy is a game of numbers and it is okay many aspirants are rising. He says everyone is qualified to contest, no one is not qualified, but only the best material should be picked to be Nigeria’s next president, the best material which in his opinion is Osinbajo

“Democracy is a game of numbers. Every aspirant that is contesting is qualified, nobody is not qualified to contest election but we are saying that we should look along the line and see who is the best material and I am sure if we put them together, all of them together, they will pick Osinbajo as candidate” He said.

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He also expressed optimism for the upcoming primaries, hoping that by God’s grace, that which happened with Adamu Abdullahi, the national chairman, would also happen to Osinbajo.

“It is left for the party and if the aspirants say this is what they want I believe it will be direct primary where delegates will come to Abuja and will elect a candidate maybe when you do indirect, it may be more bogous and take more time. I believe that whatever the party agrees with the aspirants is what we will do. The electoral act is very clear, it says either consensus, or even direct primary or indirect.

“Even when consensus is done and all candidates agree that is fair. We just had a share of that when we came to the Primaries of the national chairman there was general consensus. All aspirants wrote a letter supporting Abdullahi Adamu and Abdullahi Adamu is the national chairman. So we just hope that that kind of thing might happen by God’s grace”, he said.


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