President Buhari applauds the FCT Minister


Present president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, has expressed satisfaction in the work of the present minister of the FCT, and explained why he left him as minister.

He described Mallam Mohammed Bello as honest, and someone who holds integrity.

The president made this known at the presidential villa on Sunday when the minister visited him paying Christmas homage.


‘He said: ‘The Minister has restored sanity into allocation of plots in the FCT. People were used to selling allocated plots instead of developing them as stipulated by the FCT laws.

“Others also apply for land only for them to resale and get quick money for marrying additional wives.”

Thank you very much for taking your time to come and visit me and I congratulate you for this great day (Christmas).

“I have promised a lot of my colleagues that I will try to be as far away as possible from Abuja when I leave office, so that nobody can create any problem for me anymore.

“I will be in Daura, which is on the border with Niger Republic and I think in spite of technology, I will be safe enough there.”

It is not surprising to pay such visits because constitutionally, as the Governor General of the FCT, you are also the head of the administration of the FCT, but you have graciously delegated that to me.

“Today marks a milestone for us because in 2020 and 2021 we could not pay such visits due to the emergence of coronavirus,” he added.

This also presents the last Christmas that we are going to have an opportunity as residents of the FCT to come and pay you homage because in five months’ time, your tenure would have ended and the next Christmas will be under a new President.

“So, we use this opportunity to thank God almighty for having made it possible for us to witness several Christmas celebrations under your leadership.

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“I also on behalf of the entire residents of the FCT, wish you well and pray for God to grant you long life, useful and healthy retirement in the next few months.

“We want to also extend our appreciation for what you have so far done for the country.” He said.



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