How To Activate Diamond Bank Visa Debit Card iPin For Internet Transactions

Diamond bank visa debit card

Have you ever wondered why your diamond bank visa debit card is not working for you online?
Have you been in a desperate situation when you need to transact on a web platform and after entering your card detail, the next thing you see is ERROR “Your card have not been activated for online transaction. Please contact your bank/financial institution“?

Here is the solution…You’re on track now to solving your card issues, just relax and take a cup of tea as you read and jot down the instructions below to activate your Visa card iPinand start transacting without issues.

Diamond bank visa debit card

Firstly, iPIN for diamond bank visa debit card simply means Internet Personal Identification Number. Diamond Bank has been able to distinguish between your ATM transactions (Regular Card PIN) and your Online transactions (iPIN).
Your iPIN is a four-digit number that acts as a second-level authentication for all your online transactions.

For you to set up your iPIN, you must visit a diamond bank ATM… Note: Only the DIAMOND BANK ATM can be used to set up a diamond bank visa card.


Once you’re at any of the diamond bank ATMs, follow the steps below…

Step 1. Slot in your diamond bank visa debit card
Step 2. Enter your regular ATM Card PIN as prompted
Step 3. Select the option “more services”
Step 4. Click on the option “generate iPIN”
Step 5. Key in any four 4 digit numbers of your choice
NOTE: Enter 4 numbers that you will remember.
Step 6. Re-enter the selected number from Step 5 above to confirm
There will be a success message on the ATM screen after Step 6. if successful
Step 7. End your ATM session and collect your card/receipt if any

All set, you’re good to go transacting online. Your online transactions will now be successful as much as you have funds on your account and your transaction is within the diamond bank limit for your account. Any more failed transactions will be due to network error or insufficient funds.

When transacting online you will always be asked for your iPIN on the visa verified platform, enter the 4 digit numbers you selected in steps 5&6 above.

NOTE: Please do not enter your iPIN on any page that is not redirected to the visa verified platform.

Your Diamond Bank Visa Debit card Safety and Security
1. The following details of your card are personal to you; Card number, Card PIN, iPIN, CVV2 (3 digits behind the card), and Expiry date – Never disclose them to anyone. Not even Diamond Bank!

2. Keep your diamond bank visa debit card away from heat and from mobile phones, radio equipment, magnet or magnetic materials, and any device emitting electromagnetic waves (including stereo), as they could wipe out data stored on the chip of your card.
3. Always contact your bank via email, web live chat, or mobile contact.


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